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Artist's Statement


Focusing on imperfections, celebrating the broken and revitalizing the bland. On different levels, this is the shortest possible explanation for what my art is about. With a long history in commercial illustration and design, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to keep art in registration, fix glitches and clean up productions. A careers worth of time attempting to maintain an idea of perfection and order that I thought was the only way to get ahead. As an artist, this process has taught me invaluable skills but never quite satisfied my need for expression. I do believe art should always continue to evolve. I found my catalyst for change in re-discovering the misprints and blems that in the past I had never given much thought. 

My work is an ongoing struggle between control and chaos. On one hand I am internally experimenting with conceptual ideas by selecting and deconstructing older, more formal linear art and creating new abstract compositions. There is an element of play and freedom in re-purposing old illustrations that has opened up a new direction to explore. I’ve found that in developing this process, every line revisited still holds a personal history and a memory. Large paintings within the confines of an interior space increase the inescapable sense of motion and tension. From a distance, the less imposing work can easily be seen as one identifiable whole, but up close the viewing experience is more fragmented and detailed. The results are perhaps best described as a form of visual chatter. A feeling not unlike entering a room full of people all talking at once. 

The second half of my thinking process is more of an external visualization. I live in downtown Los Angeles and I have been looking for ways to connect my art in the studio to life outside. The streets and the walls downtown have a memory of their own. A visceral, textural history that I can dig into and gain inspiration from. That energy has a volume. Life on the streets of downtown Los Angeles can be hard, dirty and severe. At first glance seemingly dysfunctional and beyond regard, however, if you are here long enough you start to notice a rhythm and character that is truly unique. As broken as some things may appear, there is pulse here that keeps you moving forward. A heightened focus with a sharpness to it that makes you feel alive. To really get to know this place takes time. 

Combining both internal and external experiences into one fluid path of expression is all I could ever ask for. As an artist finding a voice, I see the beauty and originality of imperfections, cherish what is broken and will always continue to resist the bland. 


© Tanner Goldbeck