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Different yet connected to the entire process, my conceptual people tie what happens in the studio to life out on the streets. Nondescript characters set in various environments have to do with our own sense of personal identity, juxtapozed with a greater sense of our human similarities. Underneath it all, we are the same. I want to be different, just like you.
Indistinguishable, indiscernible, undetectable
Invisible Masses
Doyer Fans.
She Woke Up Like This
Green, Red, Blue
Shelter in Place
Grab the Next Bus.
In your Element
Mexican Food.
James Dean on Broadway 1955.
Lakers Fans blending in.
Lakers Fans mingle.
Part and Parcel.
Sea Food Special... downtown.
White Glove Treatment.
Primera Comunion Dresses.
Band of the Hand.
Anonymous names.
The color clash.
If you hold still, they can't see you.
Stand together.
Lie back in the grass and stare at the clouds for hours.
Some people blend more then others.
Waiting for the others.
Lunch break.
Turtle shells downtown.
Standing on hilltops for a better view.
Group sessions.
Disregarded invisibility.
Blue Man Group.
She does catch your eye.
Doing their best James Dean.
Post circa 1919.
Broadway in the rain.
Greener pastures.
American and Mexican.
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